Some samples to get you started writing Muscript, together with their PDF and MIDI and MusicXML versions (or EPS and JPG versions), and the Makefile containing the commands which produced them.

Muscript input file PDF MIDI MusicXML
prelude.txt (J.S.Bach) prelude.pdf prelude.mid prelude.xml
courante.txt (J.S.Bach)    courante.pdf courante.mid courante.xml
folkdance.txt (Irish) folkdance.pdf   folkdance.mid   folkdance.xml
ich_fahr.txt (Brahms) ich_fahr.pdf ich_fahr.mid ich_fahr.xml
featuring "boundingbox": EPS JPG (kdf.jpg)
kdf.txt kdf.eps
The following files illustrate the use of variables, introduced in version 3.1
alberti.txt alberti.pdf alberti.mid alberti.xml
fingerpickin.txt fingerpickin.pdf     fingerpickin.mid     fingerpickin.xml
generators.txt generators.pdf     generators.mid     generators.xml

The xml files may display strangely as your browser tries to interpret the MusicXML; to check whether they import into your favourite application, you should save them to disk (ctrl-S). Or, better, download them with wget or curl. Also available is the muscript input text to Peter Billam's arrangements.

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