A few recordings of Peter Billam over the years . . .


A couple of tracks from Continuum's album of 1971.
I'm playing guitar and bass,
organ is Tim Rice
(not the same Tim Rice as Andrew Lloyd Webber's lyricist !),
Yoel Schwarz plays flute, saxophone and classical guitar.
The second photo is of a gig we played
I think at Southampton Uni in 1972,
with Mike Giles standing in as drummer.
No recording, unfortunately . . .
In Biel, I played mostly classical guitar, in particular in a duo, accompanying tenor Franz Anderegg. These are some lo-fi recordings from a small concert in 1978.
    Come away come sweet love  (John Dowland)
    Pupille arciere   (Giovanbatista de Gagliano)
    Tod und das M├Ądchen   (Franz Schubert)
The scores of the arrangements are available at:
englishsongs, italiansongs and schubertsongs.
Before Continuum, I played fingerpicking guitar and sang in the folk clubs of London.   After Continuum, living in Switzerland, I wrote some songs for my former singer-songwriter self, and recorded two of them.
    I Must Leave You Now
    I Remember Quite Well
The island mentioned is, in my case, Formentera. The sound quality is not great ; they were recorded on 2-track tape, but were digitised from a 4-track-stereo machine, which only reads the edge of each track.
Around that time my first compositions were being played :
    Concert Study for piano four hands, played by Urs-Peter Schneider and Erika Rademacher, in February 1980. Amazing how much like Conlon Nancarrow it sounds, though I didn't know his work at the time.
    Sadhana as performed by the Edward Tarr Brass Quintet and the Dorian Wind Quintet in a Studio de Musique Contemporaine concert at the Salle ERA in Geneva in March 1980, conducted by Jacques Guyonnet.
It's very much Tibet-meets-Modernity . . . The original score is now available
Course Piece   from the Electronic Music class I was teaching at the Tasmanian Conservatorium in 1984. I wrote the "bass line" on a DX7, and everybody collected the sounds and learned how to splice tape. Thanks to all involved !

Jane Franklin Consort   singing Kodaly's Jesus and the Traders at the Hobart Town Hall in May 1990. Sopranos: Stephanie Abercromby, Charlotte McKercher ; altos: Beth Coombe, Joan Wright ; tenors: Mark Irwin, Brian Yates ; basses: Peter Billam, John Panckridge.
And we got a good review :-)

Two solos that I played in a Hobart Society of Recorder Players concert at the Bond Store in September 1990.
    Tir Na Nog,   a traditional Irish tune
    Wat zalmen op den Avond doen,   by Jakob van Eyck.
They were recorded on casette, so, again, the sound quality is not great.
Recently I've taken up fingerpicking guitar again :
    Day at the Seaside     from the Folk Guitar Solos
    Waveride     from the Guitar Pieces
    The London Rag   which I wrote way back in 1968
More such recordings will follow, see here and here

See:   compositions,   arrangements,   interview,   pjb.com.au/mus,   www.pjb.com.au