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Here you may freely download the scores of Peter Billam's musical compositions and arrangements   for piano, voice, recorder, flute, guitar, brass and various chamber ensembles.

There are   New !   some recordings of old performances,   a newspaper article,   a radio interview,   collections of favourite quotes   and of reviews   and contributions to mailing lists,   some improvisations,   and contact details.

There are also some writings including the article After the War,   also a summary of lieder-writers of the 20th century,   a reference page of the Leitmotifs of Wagner's Ring,   and the first two parts of Paul Mies' book on Beethoven's sketchbooks.

As far as is known, Peter Billam was the first composer to sell scores on-line. But the compositions and arrangements are now free, in PDF format, in a choice of A4 and US-letter pagesize, under generous copyright terms.

Credits . . .

The music is typeset by muscript, a free-software Perl script which parses a text file and generates PostScript output. You are welcome to use muscript, which was written by Peter Billam, to typeset your own music.

Text is typeset using groff -ms, version control is by rcs, the scores are viewed with gv, the whole operation is co-ordinated by the Unix make utility, and ghostscript is used to translate PostScript into PDF, all running on Linux.

Links . . . is linked to - arrangements for guitar of renaissance and baroque music,, - free scores in PDF and hosting of composers, - piano lessons on video, Nicholas Lander's Recorder home page, and Margo Briessinck's Lieder site. Peter Billam is a represented composer at the Australian Music Centre (AMC), and is listed in the Directory of Composers on the Net maintained by the CPCC.

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