Things I have learned about Linux for the Blind

Install CDs,   Editors,   Screen-Readers,   Dispatchers,   TTS software,   Console,   Other tools,   See also

   use the consoles (Alt-F1, Alt-F2 etc)
   or use screen

If you read braille then
      either yasr
      or speakup
      or, gnome and orca

   Text-To-Speech: either a hw tts-box, or tts software

   Editors: if vim
      then at least set noruler in your ~/.vimrc
      but best: use edbrowse,
      or install elvis (debian: elvis-console) and set open
      or try my vibe
   else if emacs then
      emacspeak and espeechd-el,
      or pico and svox
      or zile

Install CDs

Editors and browsers


Dispatchers, Routers, Daemons

Text-To-Speech Software


Command-line Tools

clive, cclive, clive-utils command line RSS and video extraction
slimrat-nox                automated downloading
quvi                       parse video download links
aria2                      high speed download utility
lftp                       a ftp,http,bittorrent client
deluge                     a bittorrent client
unworkable                 a bittorrent client
transmission-cli           a bittorrent client
mimms                      mms (e.g. mms://) stream downloader
rtmpdump                   small streamed media content dumper
flvstreamer                command-line RTMP client
youtube-dl                 download videos from
metacafe-dl                download videos from
nicovideo-dl               download videos from
gpodder                    a podcast client and feed aggregator
netaid                     an network-configurer, incl. wi-fi
nama -t                    an audio editor/mixer built on ecasound
twidge                     A twitter client
irssi                      a terminal based IRC chat client
weechat                    fast, light, extensible IRC chat client

See Also: