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A silent video of John Connett's pattern,
as published by A.K. Dewdney in his "Computer Recreations" in the Sept 1986 Scientific American.
It's only 3min 27sec, but it doesn't compress much and the file is 1.9 Gb
so for bandwidth reasons it's best to download it from
and play it directly from your local disc.
There is also the script make_connett_video which synthesised it

The Droplet Video, 65sec (and only 3.6 Mb !)
also to be found on youtube (lower video-quality) at
There is also the script make_droplet_video which synthesised it,
using the colours.ps and fonts.ps PostScript libraries.
The audio comes from muscript
played through the fluadity synthesiser
using the Bank5 SoundFont
as created by the MIDI::SoundFont module.

And there are youtube videos of some of my compositions:
Piano Study No. 19   at youtu.be/-s9235oNqVg
Flute Trioat youtu.be/VfxqMxiY9pI
Canon No. 4 at youtu.be/ZBLOgRjtEho
Canon No. 11 at youtu.be/Cd8pFTK0edg
Trio with Guitar at youtu.be/TFXQxAQE8Cw
Guitar Duet at youtu.be/qvMK_z2VMUo
and of one of my arrangements:
Verklärte Nacht at youtu.be/CSff5XkOUys
Bartók's Suite op.14 at youtu.be/Wpv27HqbMiI
and of Zoltán Göncz's completion of Contrapunctus 14 from the Art of Fugue:
Contrapunctus 14 at youtu.be/tviQrWD6qXQ
and of a talk I gave to the TasLug in 2018 about random-number things:
randomdist.lua and midimarkov at youtu.be/3M56sduGCU0

See Also:   gitlab.com/peterbillam/postscriptlib   and   pjb.com.au